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Magical Moon

To nurture and empower children with cancer

The Magical Moon Foundation supports children and families faced with
cancer. MMF focuses on empowering children to use their inner strengths to
manifest miracles in their lives. The magic behind the Magical Moon begins
by encouraging children to find the warrior within at an idyllic 5 acre-farm
in Marshfield Hills, MA. Rather than kids fighting cancer, they become
brave young Knights turning their struggles into motivation. Each child
becomes part of a fellowship of Rainbow Warriors with a united mission to
change the world in honor of their cancer. They’re “knighted” in a circle of
knights and forge unbreakable bonds with other children in the same battle. Throughout their journey, the children grow stronger and more centered, and
they build lasting legacies through their courage and resilience.

Heidrea for Heroes

Sometimes, coming home is just the beginning of another battle.
That’s why we are committed to serving and supporting veterans in need

Heidrea for Heroes was established on the founding principles of
appreciation and respect for those who serve our country in the military. To
honor the many sacrifices made by veterans and their families, H4H strives to give
back by providing custom support to those who need a helping hand.
mission of H4H is to provide adaptive housing renovations, vehicle modifications, qualified home
repairs, mobility equipment, veteran/family support and workforce readiness
programs that will inspire and motivate veterans to move forward
through challenges. By offering a range of support designed for bothshort- and
long-term positive impact for veterans during unexpected hardships, we honor
their service. Our service area is southeastern MA.

Featured Charities

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